My blog:day one.

This month I will make a year since I start learning (and enjoy learning )about web and programming. I started with C# (not a good choice since I was a beginner without any knowledge about programming) ,I continued with HTML and CSS, passed a little throw PHP and MySql, after that I want to learn some software to help me to prepare my pictures, to make web layouts, so I choose Photoshop and Illustrator and finally I discovered Flash and stick to Flash.

Let's go back to Flash. I like Flash for it's design capabilities but a love Flash for his programming language, ActionScript. I have made this blog with the intention to share with you my knowledge about Flash/ActionScript(primary),to bring good links and useful resource about web.

I hope to write good and regularly posts.

Note:Sorry for grammatical mistakes and misspelling. English is not my primary language.

Date: 2008-02-07

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